South Armagh Tourism

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Steeped in History, Folklore and Mythology South Armagh offers a ‘REAL’ visitor experience.

The historic Gateway to the North, stands out as a region which offers glimpses of half-forgotten images from far-off days, when the world was a simpler place and life somehow seemed more certain. South Armagh lies to the west of Newry and immediately north of the border, situated approximately half way between Dublin & Belfast.

Explore South Armagh taking in the legendary Ring of Gullion, steeped in Celtic mythology, and thesurrounding drumlin country. There is something for everyone. Experience the beauty, history, legends and folklore of a hidden jewel in the Emerald Isle. From Prehistoric times to modern day indulge yourself in an area so memorable in ancient history, and so rich in monuments of past and present which represent a thriving way of life which seems to encapsulate many of the values which have been lost in the hustle and bustle of the modern world.

Whether you are a visitor or a proud native you will be surprised and impressed by what South Armagh has to offer. Come and enjoy the company of people who, more than anything else, enjoy a bit of craic!


If you visit South Armagh, it is easy to become entranced by its lifestyle and find yourself drawn back again, again and again……

A Welcome smile,
A country mile,
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